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A portion of french fries.

The US is fighting a french-fry shortage because it’s been so cold that farmers are struggling to harvest their potatoes

As Bloomberg reports, retailers prefer long potatoes for their french fries, but their growth has been stunted by cold-weather snaps nationwide.

A giant (fake) potato in Idaho has been turned into an Airbnb, and you can rent it for $200 a night

A night in the Big Idaho Potato Hotel could be yours for $200.
Be careful when drinking unpasteurized juice.

10 unexpected things that can give you food poisoning

Food poisoning affects approximately one in six Americans each year. Here are some things you might not know could give you food poisoning.

16 hacks that will take your mashed potato game to the next level

From keeping the skin on before boiling potatoes to double boiling them, you can turn this simple side dish into the star of any meal with a few simple tricks and tweaks.

Potatoes can grow in ‘extreme’ Mars-like conditions, a new NASA-backed experiment shows

Eat your heart out, Matt Damon and Andy Weir: Extreme soil conditions on Mars may support the growth of plant-based food.

Donald Trump is making a potato-based campaign pitch to Idaho voters

Trump loves potatoes, but doesn't understand trade policy.