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Gucci's Ace Embroidered sneakers.

A discount store in the UK is selling $11 sneakers that look nearly identical to a $650 pair from Gucci

The sneakers are sold by PEP&CO, Poundland's fashion label, and feature a black and red stripe covered by a gold beetle on each shoe.
Poundland sold 20,000 fake engagement rings in one week.

A British discount store which sold 20,000 ‘engagement rings’ for $1.30 each says people are using them as ‘placeholders’ unti...

The 'Bling Ring' range is so popular that Poundland now claims to be the UK's biggest engagement ring retailer.

Poundland is having a 50% off sale

The sale launched on Monday and discounted items include sweets, jewellery, guy ropes, plastic cups, trowels, and much more.