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The coronavirus outbreak will ‘very likely’ affect the US economy, Fed warns

A growing number of companies have warned of fallout from the coronavirus, saying closures and other disruptions would chip away at revenue this year.
President Donald Trump and Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell

Trump suggests without evidence that Fed Chair Powell caused the Dow to drop

Trump accused Powell of tanking stocks on Tuesday, but his claims weren't supported by movements in the bond market.

The $23 trillion debt leaves the US with fewer tools to fight a recession, Fed warns Congress

Relatively low interest-rate levels could leave the central bank with less room to help stimulate growth in the event of a downturn.

Fed leaves interest rates at historically low levels

The central bank predicted a target range of 1.5% to 1.75% would keep the record expansion on course in its 11th year.

Fed officials are increasingly warning that climate change could damage the economy

The US has in the past been relatively reluctant to incorporate climate change into monetary policymaking.

Central bank chiefs in Dallas, Minneapolis, Philadelphia and Cleveland will help determine interest rates in 2020. Here’s where they stand ahead...

The leaders of four regional central banks will get FOMC votes in 2020 as part of a routine rotation that takes place each year.

The Federal Reserve is looking into developing a digital currency in the US, Powell confirms

In September, Reps. French Hill (R-Ark.) and Bill Foster (D-Ill.) said the central bank should consider a cryptocurrency to remain competitive.

In meeting with Powell, Trump ‘protested’ against Fed policy

Both sides initially issued positive meeting readouts. But the late-night tweet more closely reflected longstanding pressure Trump has put on Powell.

US budget deficit jumps above $1 trillion for the first time in more than 6 years

Lawmakers typically have more tools to reduce debt when the economy is in a solid place. But recent legislation has taken it the opposite direction.

Fed chief signals central bank will defy White House demands for further rate cuts

The comments were likely draw further ire from the White House, which has demanded the independent central bank juice the economy ahead of 2020.