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Being pregnant as a bridesmaid can cause problems for some people.

A bride told her heavily pregnant bridesmaid to stop ‘showing off’ her belly in the wedding photos, and she wasn’t happy about it

The bridesmaid has accused the bride of "trying to make her look fat, not pregnant."
Meghan Markle.

Meghan Markle has been spotted without her engagement ring, and it could be because of a common pregnancy symptom

Meghan Markle stepped out for Commonwealth Day on Monday, and fans noticed the duchess was missing her engagement ring.
Meghan Markle is currently in her third trimester.

Meghan Markle has been wearing stilettos. Here’s what a doctor has to say about pregnant people wearing heels.

Meghan Markle is still wearing heels in her third trimester. Here's why that most likely isn't a big deal, according to a doctor.
The more expensive tests tend to detect pregnancy earlier.

Dollar-store pregnancy tests may be just as reliable as expensive, branded ones

It mostly comes down to how early you want your results.
Women at an exercise class for pregnant people.

26 questions about giving birth that you’ve been too afraid to ask, answered by 2 doctors

We asked two doctors 26 common questions pregnant people have about giving birth, from labor and delivery to how long you have to wait to have sex.
Alysia Montaño competed at the 2017 USA Outdoor Track and Field Championships while five months pregnant.

18 tips for working out while pregnant

Unless you have a high-risk pregnancy or your doctor says otherwise, working out when you're expecting is not only healthy but recommended.
A pregnant woman in Australia (not pictured) was pregnant with "semi-identical" twins, a new report says.

Doctors have identified a rare pair of ‘semi-identical’ twins. Here’s how that might happen.

Doctors in Australia say they identified semi-identical twins who share all of their mother's DNA but only a portion of their father's DNA.
Lil Xan and Annie Smith revealed ultrasound photos on YouTube.

Lil Xan and his pregnant girlfriend have been accused of showing fake ultrasound pictures on their YouTube vlog

Lil Xan, whose real name is Nicholas Diego Leanos, and Smith shared ultrasound photos of their child on their YouTube vlog on Friday.
Marijuana use in pregnancy is on the rise, according to research.

More women are using marijuana while pregnant, but doctors aren’t sure how it might affect their babies

As marijuana use during pregnancy increases, experts say we still need more research on the drug's effects on those pregnant and breastfeeding.