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A pharmacy manager at a Florida Wal-Mart completes a transaction with a customer.

Walmart and CVS just resolved their $4 billion dispute over where you can pick up your prescriptions

People whose prescriptions are handled by CVS Caremark will still be able to pick them up at Walmart pharmacies, after the companies ended a pricing spat.
Meijer pharmacist not pictured.

A woman says a pharmacist refused to give her medication her while she was having a miscarriage because he’s ‘a good Catholic male’

Rachel Peterson was prescribed a medication called misoprostol, which would complete her miscarriage — but she says a pharmacist refused to give her the medication or transfer it to another location. Now, she wants Meijer to take action.

Oklahoma is implementing a new program that only pays big pharma full price if their drugs work

In a move to hold drugmakers responsible for their products, Oklahoma's Medicaid program becomes the first-in-the-nation to implement a rebate program where it will only pay companies full price for the drug if it works as advertised.

CVS just made a move that could protect itself from Amazon

On Tuesday, CVS Health said it would start to offer a prescription delivery at its 9,800 pharmacies. In some cities, that delivery will happen the same day the prescription's ordered.

A meditation app loved by Wall Street and Silicon Valley wants to unveil a prescription-strength version with FDA approval

The $250 million mindfulness app company Headspace has big plans to turn meditation into medicine. A favorite self-improvement tool in Silicon Valley and on Wall Street, the app already hopes to roll out a series of prescription-grade meditation tools approved by the FDA.

The 10 most popular prescription drugs in the US

GoodRx, a startup that lists drug prices and sells prescription drugs, compiled a list of the 10 most popular drugs in America.

Drug deaths in America are rising faster than ever before, and show no signs of slowing down

Data from the Centers for Disease Control and a recent New York Times investigation reveal a striking pattern of overdose deaths in the US.

Tiger Woods told police after his DUI charge that he has prescriptions for 4 drugs — here’s what they do

In a probable cause affidavit, Woods said he has prescriptions for Soloxex, Torix, and Vicodin, all of which are typically used for pain.

We just got a better idea of how much drug companies rely on price hikes, and it doesn’t look good

We're starting to get a better idea of how much drug companies rely on prescription drug price hikes.

A startup just raised another $90 million to help people save money on prescriptions

Blink Health, a company that provides discounts to prescription drugs just raised another $90 million.