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Portraits of both Obamas

Here are Barack and Michelle Obama’s official portraits

The former first lady Michelle Obama said she was incredibly humbled.

The Trump administration is ending DACA, Jeff Sessions announces

Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Tuesday addressed DACA, the Obama-era policy offering temporary protection to some young unauthorized immigrants.

The Justice Department just threw cold water on one of Trump’s most controversial tweets

The DOJ and FBI concluded that there is no evidence to support President Trump's claim in March that President Barack Obama ordered a wiretapping on Trump Tower

The Kremlin is already seizing on Trump’s comments casting doubt that Russia meddled in the 2016 election

A Kremlin spokesman noted that US President Donald Trump had highlighted "equally the possibility that it could have been other countries."

‘You don’t wait until the epidemic is killing everyone’ — ex-NSA hacker blasts Obama’s response to Russian election hack...

"They were so busy thinking about retaliation and secrecy that they were not doing the thing that would make a difference."

Obama sent Kevin Durant a congratulatory text just hours after winning his first NBA championship

The 44th president of the United States complimented the star Warriors player on his defense.

GOP senator cites ‘civilization-warping crisis of public trust,’ demands Trump explain Obama wiretapping claims

"The President today made some very serious allegations, and the informed citizens that a republic requires deserve more information."

There are major differences between Trump’s immigration ban and Obama’s 2011 policy

The comparison between the policies has been roundly criticized by legal experts and former Obama administration officials.

Meet the front-runners on Trump’s Supreme Court short list

Media reports indicate Trump has narrowed his short list to two top contenders, Thomas Hardiman and Neil Gorsuch.

Read the letter George W. Bush’s daughters wrote to Obama’s daughters

The former president's daughters know what life after the White House is all about.