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Hillary Clinton campaign burns Trump after he tweets he ‘won’ debate

Clinton's campaign ripped Trump's claim that he "won" the final presidential debate.

There’s something bizarre about how Clinton prepared to debate Trump

Psychologists explain why it's weird that Hillary Clinton brought in "psychology experts" to prepare to face Donald Trump in the presidential debates.

Donald Trump is bringing Obama’s estranged half-brother to the final presidential debate

President Obama's half-brother is an outspoken critic of the president and has pledged to vote for Donald Trump in the presidential election.

The most important quotes of the second presidential debate

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump faced off Monday in the second of three presidential debates before Election Day on November 8. They said many things.

A fly landed directly on Hillary Clinton’s face during the second presidential debate

A fly has been buzzing around the second presidential debate.

Here’s how much it costs for a university to host a presidential debate

It's equivalent to around $45 to $50 million of advertising.

Snapchat filters were the real winners of the first Trump-Clinton debate

Many Snapchat users turned to the Snapchat filters feature to help get through the presidential debate.

Trump said he didn’t call climate change a Chinese hoax — here’s proof that he did

"I did not. I do not say that," Trump responded, ignoring his own Twitter feed.

How to live-stream the first Clinton-Trump presidential debate

Who, what, when, where, why, and how to tune in to the first Clinton-Trump presidential debate.

The university hosting tonight’s debate is warning reporters not to bypass $200 Wi-Fi charges

Hofstra is forcing reporters to pay $200 for Wi-Fi at tonight's presidential debate.