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A photograph showing the outside of The Dorchester hotel in London, where the event took place. This photograph was taken on a different night.

Jeremy Corbyn sacks Labour lord from front bench for attending the now-notorious Presidents Club Dinner

Lord Mendelsohn, Labour spokesman for business and international trade, attended the event where women were allegedly groped and sexually harassed.
A frame from inside the Presidents Club Dinner.

The British club that hosted a charity dinner where businessmen allegedly groped hostesses just shut down

A spokesman for the Presidents Club said it would distribute its remaining funds to children’s charities.
Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England takes part in a panel discussion at The Bank of England in London, Britain, March 21, 2017.

Mark Carney is ‘deeply dismayed’ by the Presidents Club dinner, the charity auction where hostesses were allegedly groped and harassed

The Bank of England put out a statement distancing itself from the event, where tea with Governor Mark Carney was one of the lots auctioned for charity.
FT reporter Madison Marriage.

‘An incessant stream of harassment’: Undercover FT reporter describes high-powered charity dinner where she was groped ‘several time...

Madison Marriage, a writer for the Financial Times, says she was groped several times at the event, and that other women told her that they were propositioned.