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Walmart is known for its low prices.

How Walmart keeps its prices so low

Walmart is known for its low prices. Here's how the retail giant does it.
Prices are fluctuating at Whole Foods.

Whole Foods is raising prices on some items and discontinuing others as it gets ravaged by rising costs

Whole Foods lowered prices after it was purchased by Amazon. Now it's raising some to partially offset rising transportation and packaging costs.

Why you should keep your current smartphone for as long as you can

It's true that smartphones are better than ever, but they're also more expensive.

Here’s what a fast-food burger cost the year you were born

The prices of burgers from your favorite fast food chains have changed a lot over the years. Here's what fast-food burgers cost every year on average since the year you were born.

Washing machines offer a simple explanation for how Trump’s trade war could cause sticker shock in America

As the trade war between Washington and Beijing rises to new heights, washing machine price tags may offer a glimpse of what's ahead for American consumers.
Roughneck Brian Waldner is covered in mud and oil while wrestling pipe on a True Company oil drilling rig outside Watford, North Dakota.

Oil tumbles as much as 2% as Oklahoma crude piles up

Oil prices slid Monday after inventories at the US crude delivery hub jumped last week, adding to demand concerns.

WALL STREET WARNS: Trump’s trade policies could bring the US back to an economic horror from the 1970s

In a broad effort to rearrange global trade relationships, Trump has slapped tariffs on some of America's biggest business partners. And as effects of protectionism kick in, analysts are reminded of the 1970's when rising inflation and stalling growth plagued the economy.

Online shopping is finally going to be included in UK inflation figures

The UK’s Office for National Statistics (ONS) will now take into account online prices, to measure the "Amazon effect" on the changing cost of goods and services in the economy, the Telegraph reported.
A beer in Dublin, Ireland, the home of Guinness, costs about $7.

How much it costs to grab a pint of beer around the world

The price of beer in cities around the world ranges from $1.50 in Manila, Philippines, to $12.00 in Dubai, according to Deutsche Bank's latest research on cost of living. Find out how much it costs in other cities like New York, Tokyo, and Sydney.
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un meets scientists and technicians in the field of researches into nuclear weapons in this undated photo released by North Korea's Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) in Pyongyang March 9, 2016.

Gold spikes after Trump scraps North Korea meeting

Gold rallied Thursday morning after President Donald Trump cancelled a meeting between the US and North Korea.