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Ring is a home security company that sells smart video doorbells and security cameras.

Amazon says police can keep videos from Ring doorbells forever and share them with anyone

Police officers who access video footage from Amazon's Ring doorbell cameras can keep those videos forever and share them with anyone.
The Google Pixel 3, left, and Pixel 4.

An Android flaw lets apps secretly access people’s cameras and upload the videos to an external server

A security flaw lets malicious apps access Android cameras and microphones to secretly record people and upload the videos to an external server.
Some Macy's customer data was stolen.

Macy’s tells customers their payment information may have been stolen by hackers

A company investigation on October 15 found that Macys.com was linked to a website that stole customer payment data on the checkout and wallet pages.
It's easy to find and use private browsing on your iPhone.

How to use private browsing on your iPhone, and turn it off when you’re done browsing

To turn off private browsing on your iPhone, or turn it on, you just need to press a single button in Safari. Here's how it works.

TikTok chief says if China’s president asked for a video to be taken down or access to TikTok user data he would refuse

TikTok chief Alex Zhu said he would turn down a Chinese government request for user data, even if it came directly from president Xi Jinping himself.
There are two ways to turn off AirDrop on your iPhone.

How to turn off AirDrop on your iPhone in 2 ways, to prevent anyone from sending you unwanted files

There are two ways to turn off AirDrop on your iPhone: through your Settings app or the Control Center. Here's what you should know.

A new ruling bars border agents from searching travelers’ phones or laptops for no reason, and privacy advocates are calling it a major victory

DHS' practice of searching phones and computers at border crossings without reasonable suspicion is unconstitutional, a federal judge ruled Tuesday.
A Business Insider reporter was able to recreate the bug, showing a live view from the rear-facing iPhone camera alongside the Facebook newsfeed.

Facebook users are noticing a bug that lets the app access their iPhone’s camera while they’re scrolling through their newsfeed

A real-time view from the iPhone's camera appears in the Facebook app when a user clicks on an ad and then rapidly clicks on a different app element.
Apple removed Like Patrol from the App Store Saturday.

Apple just removed an iPhone app that made it easy for people to stalk the activity of their friends and partners on Instagram

Apple removed an Instagram-stalking app from the App Store days after Instagram sent it a cease and desist letter.
Tap the icon in the top left corner.

You can’t delete your Venmo history, but you can make all past and future transactions private — here’s how to do it

While you can't delete your Venmo history, you can hide it by making all past and future activity private. Here's how to do it.