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21% of Americans polled by INSIDER they "always" monitor their work email on vacation.

Put your phone down: Two-thirds of Americans make the mistake of checking their work email while on vacation

Most American workers make the mistake of checking their email while on vacation, an INSIDER poll found. 21% log in on every trip.
Elon Musk is funding the Global Learning XPRIZE.

These are 9 strict workplace rules Elon Musk makes his Tesla employees follow

Elon Musk is not a fan of meetings, bureaucracy, hierarchy, or any system that impedes immediate communication.
You can customize iPhone's Do Not Disturb feature to optimize your life.

How to use Do Not Disturb on iPhone manually, or schedule it to activate at a specific time each day

Here's how to turn Do Not Disturb on an iPhone manually, or schedule it to activate at a specific time each day, to perhaps enhance your productivity.

15 ways to be more productive and manage your time better, according to career experts

There are many time-saving skills you can adopt to be more productive. Here, career experts share 15 ways to increase your productivity.
A full 11 million meetings happen in America every day.

$37 billion are lost every year on these 12 meeting mistakes

A full 11 million meetings happen in America every day, yet a third of them are productive. Here are a few reasons why.
The author with his MacBook Pro and iPhone 8 Plus.

I’ve been working from home for 9 years — here are my best productivity hacks that will keep you organized and on task

Working from home means you design your own schedule and create your own workplace. Here's how you can stay productive while working from home.
Workplace productivity has only risen by 1-2% since the tech boom.

Why meetings, email, and ‘excessive collaboration’ are the unholy trinity of burnout

Do your meetings drag on? Do you spend more time talking about the work or actually getting work done?
It's not about laziness.

Stop trying to achieve work-life balance and you’ll actually get things done

A helpful time-management tip is to remember that work-life balance doesn't necessarily have to happen every single day.

I’ve been cooking with Blue Apron for 7 months, and it’s helped me in 4 unexpected ways

Although I enjoy cooking, using Blue Apron has led to some unexpected benefits, like increasing my productivity and leaving me less stressed.
There is a deadly traffic jam on Mount Everest as climbers are forced to wait in the "death zone."

What ‘summit fever’ and the spike in deaths on Mount Everest can teach you about the dark side of goals

Social psychologists have said summit fever can lead mountain climbers on Mount Everest to make bad decisions.