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"Lady" Desiree Wright streams herself playing piano on Mixer.

A single mom of three kids started streaming on Microsoft’s Mixer service earlier this year. In nine months, she’s gained the same number ...

"Lady" Desiree Wright plays piano for the internet masses. She made the jump from Twitch to Mixer earlier this year, and she isn't looking back.
Warren Washington has been doing climate research for 50 years.

When Warren Washington created the first climate model, he had no idea how necessary it was. He just won the ‘Nobel Prize for the environment.&#...

Warren Washington, who created the world's first climate model, just won the Tyler Prize for Environmental Achievement along with Michael Mann.

Netflix is improving user profiles by letting you pick Steve from ‘Stranger Things’ as your icon, among other choices

Five years since its introduction, Netflix is upgrading its profiles feature. Now, subscribers can have icons featuring their favorite character from Netflix original shows.
This piece was drawn on an iPad.

A ‘technologically illiterate’ New Yorker illustrator explains why he finally started drawing on an iPad

Ulriksen is just one of a new batch of professional artists who have embraced tablets like Apple's iPad and its Pencil stylus to make illustrations easier, faster, and more ready for the computers and screens most art is consumed on these days.