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TikTok owner ByteDance reportedly hit $3 billion in net profit in 2019

ByteDance pulled in $17 billion in revenue in 2019, more than double what it made in 2018.
Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence.

NCAA reverses course, may allow student-athletes to market themselves, and it could be worth millions for some of college sports’ biggest stars

The NCAA's board of governors "voted unanimously" to allow collegiate athletes to profit off their names, images, and likenesses.
Apple CEO Tim Cook.

A group of major US companies just took out a full-page NYT ad pushing Apple, Amazon, and Walmart to ‘get to work’ prioritizing social res...

The CEOs of dozens of major companies published a letter aimed at Apple, Amazon and others pushing for social responsibility.

Goldman Sachs is cutting nearly 100 jobs amid tumbling profits

Goldman Sachs is the latest bank to cut jobs after reporting lower than expected first quarter results.
JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon

JPMorgan is sliding after booking its worst quarter for bond trading since the financial crisis

JPMorgan fell nearly 3% early Tuesday after posting worse-than-expected profits for the fourth quarter.

When ‘Fortnite’ finally arrives on Android, it’s skipping Google’s storefront — and the CEO of Epic Games told me why

When "Fortnite" arrives on Android in the coming weeks, you won't find it on Google's Play Store. Instead, you'll download a separate launcher.

Apple won $539 million from Samsung in a patent lawsuit — an amount that’s barely noticeable against Apple’s net profits

Apple has made more than $300 billion in the years since it filed the patent infringement case against Samsung, proving that the real victory probably comes from the dollars spent
Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi.

Uber’s CEO said a move to grab power from Travis Kalanick means the board is no longer fighting over control

Uber's divided board is divided no longer, according to chief executive Dara Khosrowshahi. Speaking at the VivaTech event in Paris on Thursday afternoon, Khosrowshahi said one of his first actions when taking on the role of CEO was to fix the company's governance issues.

The Switch took Nintendo’s profit to a 7-year high — and it’s just the beginning

A year after launching the Switch, Nintendo's operating profit increased six-fold.