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There are two tents — one featuring a bed, and one featuring a toilet.

This $10-a-night UK Airbnb is actually just a tent in someone’s backyard, and it comes complete with a toilet and cat litter for ‘easy cle...

The host also has other similar listings, including an air mattress in the back of a bus or inside a living room.
The controversial 'emoji house' in Manhattan Beach, California.

A pink ’emoji house’ has gone on sale for $1.7 million in California after angering neighbors with its controversial makeover

The home sparked headlines across the world after its owner painted the exterior a vibrant shade of pink with two huge emoji faces on the walls.
The controversial 'emoji house' in Manhattan Beach, California.

A woman painted her house bright pink and covered it in emojis after neighbors reported her for renting it out on Airbnb

Neighbors say the house's paint job is "bullying," a "direct attack," and an "F-U to the rest of the street."
Floyd Mayweather.

Floyd Mayweather’s $25 million Los Angeles mansion has a candy shop, a 12-seat cinema, and a wine rack with 225 bottles — take a look insi...

Floyd Mayweather is known as the 'Money' man for a reason — he has earned a lot, invests a lot, and spends a lot.
Catelyn Stark's childhood home is up for sale.

The real-life Riverrun castle from ‘Game of Thrones’ is on sale for $650,000

The rooms are unfurnished, so you'll have to bring your own Iron Throne if you want to buy the castle.

A giant (fake) potato in Idaho has been turned into an Airbnb, and you can rent it for $200 a night

A night in the Big Idaho Potato Hotel could be yours for $200.
An artist's impression of the Bestseller Tower in Brande, Denmark.

Western Europe’s tallest skyscraper, which is set to be built in a tiny Danish town, has been likened to the ‘Eye of Sauron’

The Bestseller Tower will stretch 1,050 feet, which is almost as tall as the Salesforce Tower in San Francisco.
Buckingham Palace.

An Airbnb management company says the Queen could make over $1.3 million a night if she listed Buckingham Palace

Based on properties in the area, Airbnb management company GuestReady calculated how much it would cost to rent Buckingham Palace on Airbnb.

Ellen DeGeneres just sold her Italian-style Santa Barbara mansion to a Netflix executive for $34 million

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi have finally sold their Santa Barbara mansion for $34 million — $11 million below the original asking price in March 2017. The buyer has been revealed as Netflix executive Ted Sarandos.