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Isabella Tadlock shows Mark Hamill her new R2-D2 bionic arm.

An 11-year-old ‘Star Wars’ fan received her dream R2-D2 bionic arm — along with a call from Luke Skywalker

Isabella Tadlock has always wanted to be able to "bend her fingers and pick things up." Now, her new bionic arm is helping her do just that.
Wearing Toughware Prosthetics' 3D-printed devices.

2 tech firms are using 3D printing to offer more affordable and efficient healthcare for all, from cheaper prosthetics to better neonatal care

Companies using 3D printing in medicine say that it saves significant time and money compared to traditional ways of making life-changing devices.
ROMP team members on the summit of Cotopaxi on Saturday morning.

A group of amputee-athletes successfully summited one South America’s toughest peaks

A group of amputee-athletes climbed Cotopaxi, one of South America's toughest peaks. They're with the Range of Motion Project, a nonprofit that helps amputees climb mountains around the world and they're hoping to raise $100,000 to provide 100 prosthetic limbs to those need.
Samin Khan (left) and Hamayal Choudhry (right) after SmartARM won the Canadian Finals of Microsoft's Imagine Cup 2018

A 20-year-old Tesla intern’s team just won $130,000 and a private session with Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella for creating a smarter prosthetic han...

SmartARM, founded by two 20-year-old college students, won the 2018 Imagine Cup — and will get one-on-one time with Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella.

Scientists grew a working ‘prosthetic ovary’ for a mouse — and it could be a game changer for humans

It's common for children with cancer to end up with damaged ovaries, incapable of supporting a functional reproductive system. Prosthetic ovaries could help.

A Stanford engineer is making stretchable, flexible skin that’s straight out of Westworld

Zhenan Bao is developing skin that's flexible, stretchable, and can sense touch and temperature.

Behold the 6 events at the world’s first ‘bionic Olympics’

The world's first Cybathlon takes place on Saturday, October 8. It's a showcase of the intersection of robotics and human athleticism.

This man just won a very special award for turning himself into a goat

Thomas Thwaites, a designer in the UK, decided to take a break entirely from being a human to become a goat. Now he has an Ig Nobel prize to show for it.

This self-proclaimed ‘hillbilly’ has the most advanced bionic arm in the world

He's got incredibly advanced arm that looks, feels, and acts just like the real thing — and it's controlled by his mind.