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ROMP team members on the summit of Cotopaxi on Saturday morning.

A group of amputee-athletes successfully summited one South America’s toughest peaks

A group of amputee-athletes climbed Cotopaxi, one of South America's toughest peaks. They're with the Range of Motion Project, a nonprofit that helps amputees climb mountains around the world and they're hoping to raise $100,000 to provide 100 prosthetic limbs to those need.
Samin Khan (left) and Hamayal Choudhry (right) after SmartARM won the Canadian Finals of Microsoft's Imagine Cup 2018

A 20-year-old Tesla intern’s team just won $130,000 and a private session with Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella for creating a smarter prosthetic han...

SmartARM, founded by two 20-year-old college students, won the 2018 Imagine Cup — and will get one-on-one time with Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella.

Scientists grew a working ‘prosthetic ovary’ for a mouse — and it could be a game changer for humans

It's common for children with cancer to end up with damaged ovaries, incapable of supporting a functional reproductive system. Prosthetic ovaries could help.

A Stanford engineer is making stretchable, flexible skin that’s straight out of Westworld

Zhenan Bao is developing skin that's flexible, stretchable, and can sense touch and temperature.

Behold the 6 events at the world’s first ‘bionic Olympics’

The world's first Cybathlon takes place on Saturday, October 8. It's a showcase of the intersection of robotics and human athleticism.

This man just won a very special award for turning himself into a goat

Thomas Thwaites, a designer in the UK, decided to take a break entirely from being a human to become a goat. Now he has an Ig Nobel prize to show for it.

This self-proclaimed ‘hillbilly’ has the most advanced bionic arm in the world

He's got incredibly advanced arm that looks, feels, and acts just like the real thing — and it's controlled by his mind.

How one man turned himself into a goat

Thomas Thwaites, author of "GoatMan: How I Took a Holiday from Being Human" consulted scientists in multiple fields to learn how to best become a goat.

This man decided to take a break from being a human and turned himself into a goat

Thomas Thwaites, a UK-based designer, decided to take that a step further and take a break from being a human entirely. He became a goat.