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Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam at at a news conference, June 15, 2019.

How protesters are hiding their identities during some of the largest demonstrations in Hong Kong’s history

INSIDER spoke to three human rights activists in Hong Kong who revealed the creative ways protesters are covering their tracks.

Activists are warning protesters in Hong Kong to avoid public hospitals because police might be camped out there waiting to make arrests

Messages have been circulating in private chat groups warning injured protesters not to consent to having medical information shared with police.

Police fire tear gas, rubber bullets as protesters rally in Hong Kong against a controversial extradition bill that would give China more power over t...

Mass crowds gathered in front of the territory's Legislative Council on Wednesday ahead of a scheduled debate on the extradition bill.

Hundreds of thousands of protesters took to the streets in Hong Kong to express their outrage against a bill that would allow residents to be tried in...

Critics of the bill argue Hong Kong residents would be subjected to unfair trials and worse legal protections in the mainland.
Naked models outside Facebook's New York offices in Manhattan.

Dozens of naked people, holding up images of nipples, stood outside Facebook to protest its ban on nudity

The Facebook protest was organized by the American photographer Spencer Tunick and the National Coalition Against Censorship.
Members of the white nationalist group the Honorable Sacred Knights of the Ku Klux Klan hold a rally in Dayton, Ohio, U.S., May 25, 2019.

9 members of the KKK showed up to a rally in Ohio, 600 people came to protest them: ‘This is probably Dayton at its best’

A nine-person KKK rally in Dayton, Ohio Saturday was protested by an estimated 600 people. No one was injured or arrested.
Alyssa Milano used Twitter to call for a sex strike on Saturday.

Alyssa Milano is holding a sex strike to fight back against changing abortion laws. Here’s the history behind the controversial method of protes...

Sex strikes are actually common, and have been happening for centuries. The practice likely started around 411 BC as result of the play "Lysistrata."
Lucien Greaves, spokesman for The Satanic Temple, with a statue of Baphomet.

Everything you need to know about the Satanic Temple, which the US government just officially recognized as an organized religion

The US government has recognized the Satanic Temple as a tax-exempt organized religion. Here's what to know about the fast-growing group.
Uber drivers striking outside company HQ in London.

PHOTOS: Uber drivers across the world are striking about pay, conditions, and the firm’s ‘orgy of greed’

Uber and Lyft drivers went on strike on Wednesday, logging out of the app for the day and protesting.
Uber drivers protest fare cuts in February, and go on strike in front of the car service's New York offices

Uber drivers are sleeping in their cars to make enough money. Now, they’re going on strike.

The Guardian spoke with Uber drivers joining a strike who have resorted to sleeping in their cars to make enough money to live.