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An illustration of a Breakthrough Starshot "nanocraft" being propelled toward the Alpha Centauri star system with a powerful laser beam.

A startup is developing a 100-gigawatt laser to propel a probe to another star system. That may be powerful enough to ‘ignite an entire city....

Breakthrough Starshot wants to use lasers to propel probes to Alpha Centauri. But chief engineer Peter Klupar said they "could ignite an entire city."

A Russian billionaire has launched the smallest-ever spacecraft into orbit — a key step to reaching a nearby star system

The ultimate goal of Breakthrough Starshot is to fly past and photograph any planets in Alpha Centauri.

The ‘Earth next door’ may have a cozy atmosphere — and we could find out in just 2 years

Proxima b, the closest Earth-size rocky planet, may be habitable — and NASA's James Webb Space Telescope may get a crucial first glimpse of the world.

A Russian billionaire has a crazy plan to reach a nearby planet that might harbor life

Yuri Milner and Stephen Hawking's Starshot mission might change course to pass the dim red star Proxima Centauri and photograph its rocky planet, Proxima b.

Dim red stars that are nothing like the sun may be our best hope of finding aliens

Proxima b, an Earth-size rocky planet that orbits the star Proxima Centauri, may be one of the most numerous types of habitable exoplanets in the Milky Way.