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Ariana Grande is one of Coachella's 2019 headliners.

Ariana Grande said that touring is ‘hell’ because performing her own songs is ‘like reliving it all over again’

After fans noticed that the pop star hasn't been as active on Twitter recently, she explained that she's not in a positive "headspace."
Ariana Grande has shared a scan of her brain.

Ariana Grande says a ‘terrifying’ brain scan she shared on Instagram shows her PTSD

She wrote on the picture that the scan was 'hilarious and terrifying,' but it was 'not a joke.'
Sydney Aiello

A teenager who survived the Parkland shooting has died by suicide

Sydney Aiello's mother said Sydney struggled with survivors guilt and had been diagnosed with PTSD following the Parkland shooting.
A third of children have suffered a traumatic experience.

8% of children experience PTSD by the time they reach 18, according to a new study

Half of children with PTSD had self-harmed, and one in five had attempted suicide, but just one in five had seen a mental health professional in the past year.

MDMA can help people who suffer from PTSD, according to new research — and it could be approved by 2021

MDMA, the main chemical in ecstasy pills, could help reduce the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder, a new study suggests — and researchers are hopeful another trial could mean FDA approval by 2021.

A ‘party drug’ just crossed a major hurdle on the path to being legally prescribed as medicine

A non-profit research organization has won a special distinction from the US FDA to speed its study of MDMA, or ecstasy, for medical use to treat PTSD.

Mattis and US military leaders are trying to get rid of the worst parts of military service

The US military has suffered from readiness and training issues, and the brass is trying new measures to fix the problem.

A psychologist diagnosed ‘Game of Thrones’ characters as if they were his patients — here’s what he came up with

Kirk Honda, a licensed marriage and family therapist, has "diagnosed" five "Game of Thrones" characters on his podcast, Psychology in Seattle.

An effort to get ecstasy FDA-approved is entering a key final test

MDMA really might be an incredibly effective therapeutic drug. Trials have been promising enough so far that the FDA has agreed to let one key final test begin.

First responders to Pulse nightclub shooting report PTSD, haunting memories months after attack

Police who were the first to respond to the massacre at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando this June told the New York Times they're still haunted by what they saw.