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22 photos that show the evolution of New York City’s Times Square ball drop

Since 1907, the ball has been dropping in Times Square to ring in the New Year. Here is a look back on how the ball drop celebration has changed through the years.

More than a year after Charlottesville, these cities across the US have torn down controversial Confederate monuments

In the year since a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville turned violent, dozens of cities have removed Confederate memorials from public spaces.
The Jardin d’Agronomie Tropicale, a former human zoo outside Paris, France.

A photographer captured stark images of a former human zoo that’s now a public park near Paris

The site hosts the remains of one of the world's few "human zoos," called the Jardin d’Agronomie Tropicale. In the early 20th century, white visitors would come to see the animals, plants, and people captured from the French colonies.
The main concourse at New York City's Grand Central station before it was renovated in 1998.

New York City’s Grand Central Station has had a stunning evolution over the last 50 years — take a look

June 26 marks 40 years since the Supreme Court designated NYC's Grand Central Station a historic landmark and prohibited the construction of a 53-story office tower. Two decades later, the station was restored to its original grandeur.
Sheep Meadow, New York City, circa late 19th century.

Incredible photos of New York City when sheep roamed Central Park

For 70 years, hundreds of sheep grazed on a 15-acre swath of Central Park. Take a look at the history behind Sheep Meadow.
An artistic rendering for Apple's flagship Melbourne store, which will replace an indigenous cultural center at Federation Square.

A public square is being handed over to Apple for its newest flagship store — and some locals are furious

Apple's new Melbourne location signals the company's goal to put stores in public spaces. Not everyone is excited.
A rendering of the proposed floating park, called Diller Island, in Manhattan, New York.

Billionaire Barry Diller has plans to build a $250 million floating park in New York City, and the designs look incredible

After New York governor Andrew Cuomo stepped in, the plan to build a floating park on the Hudson is back on.

19 of the most beautiful public spaces in the world, according to urban designers

Business Insider asked over a dozen urban designers and planners to tell us their favorite public spaces. Here are their answers.

China’s topsy-turvy bridge actually has three bridges woven into one

Chinese designers from Next Architects created this whimsical pedestrian walkway with peaks and valleys that make it look like a roller coaster.

The biggest real estate development in American history will have a 15-story maze of stairwells

The design for Hudson Yards' massive, interactive public centerpiece broke ground on April 18. Here's what it will look like.