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From left to right: Bain's Karen Harris, McKinsey's Arun Arora, McKinsey's Mihir Mysore, AlixPartner's Lisa Donahue.

PRESENTING: 38 power players disrupting the $130 billion consulting industry and solving problems for clients in crisis

These leaders are strategizing for clients, rethinking recruitment, and leading D&I efforts at global firms.
Michael Fenlon, the chief people officer at PwC.

A top PwC exec shares how companies can maintain the well-being of workers in a remote setting, and what the future has in store for the virtual workf...

During a particularly stressful time, it's important that leaders develop new methods for checking in on their remote employees.
PwC developed a "crisis preparedness" score.

There’s a 14-question quiz you can take right now to measure if your company will survive a crisis like coronavirus or buckle under the pre...

PwC surveyed 2,000 companies and identified key ways businesses can withstand a global crisis, from cyber terror to natural disasters.
PwC's US chairman and senior partner Tim Ryan.

A top industry consultant reveals the 2 key reasons why he thinks US banks are beginning to raise their voices on climate change and sustainability is...

PwC's US head, Tim Ryan, told us that American banks are both excellent at assessing risk and well positioned to lead on investing in green business.
Global growth pessimism is at a record high, according to more than 1,500 CEOs surveyed by PwC.

A new PwC survey unveiled at Davos found CEOs are the most pessimistic they’ve ever been about the economy. The firm’s global chairman bre...

Bob Moritz, the global chairman of PwC, unpacks the forces that are making CEOs around the world lose sleep at night.
From left to right, Mark Zuckerberg, Sundar Pichai, Tim Cook, and Jeff Bezos.

Here’s what tech CEOs are most worried about going into 2020 — and why they’re looking to the election for help

After scandals and industry pressure, tech companies have taken to lobbying in hopes that policy can help their businesses in 2020.

Asia will have 250 million more people by 2030, and it’ll need S$1 trillion more investments to feed itself sustainably

By 2030, food spending in Asia is expected to double to US$8 trillion, and there will be 250 million more mouths to feed.
PwC global chairman Bob Moritz said CEOs need to commit their companies to a purpose if they want to survive and thrive.

‘If you opt in, we will not leave you behind’ — PwC’s global chairman announces a $3 billion investment in job training

PwC, the global professional services firm, is investing $3 billion over the next few years into job retraining, which it sees as a competitive edge.

The world’s CEOs are getting increasingly nervous about the state of the global economy, a major new survey shows

Global CEOs praised 2018 as a year of strong global growth but by the end of the year they'd changed their minds completely.

British politician pledges to break up ‘cartel’ of big four accounting firms in radical overhaul

The big four accountancy firms could be broken up as part of a radical change promised by the UK's Labour party, the shadow chancellor John McDonnell said ahead of his party conference on Sunday.