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Qatar Airways Group CEO Akbar Al Baker.

Qatar Airways CEO says business has gotten better, not worse, with Trump in office

Qatar Airways Group CEO Akbar Al Baker doesn't believe US President Donald Trump's anti-immigrant rhetoric will affect his airline's US business. The CEO also doesn't believe Trump's tough talk about immigration means he wants to shut off the US from foreigners.
Qatar Airways Group CEO Akbar Al Baker.

Qatar Airways CEO just gave an ominous warning to those who cave to pressure from Qatar’s enemies and shun the country

Qatar Airways Group CEO Akbar Al Baker alleges that his country's enemies are trying to intimidate business partners into shunning Qatar. The CEO cautions that his country will remember those who turned their backs on Qatar.
An Air Italy Airbus A330-200 arrived in New York.

This single flight shows the complexities of the airline industry’s nastiest feud

Air Italy launched its new New York to Milan flight last week. With the arrival of Qatar Airways bankrolled Air Italy, all six carriers involved in the airline industry's nastiest feud compete on a single route.

The CEO of Qatar Airways apologized for saying a woman couldn’t do his job

The CEO of Qatar Airways, where women make up nearly half the workforce, apologized for saying that a woman couldn't do his job because it is "very challenging." In his apology, Akbar al Baker said the airline was the first to employ female pilots and one of the first to train female engineers.
Akbar al Baker, the CEO of Qatar Airways.

The CEO of Qatar Airways said that a woman couldn’t do his job because it is ‘very challenging’

Akbar al Baker's comment elicited groans and boos from journalists at the International Air Transport Association press conference. He attempted to row them back by saying he would welcome a female successor.

The nastiest feud in the airline industry isn’t over just yet

The Trump administration and the UAE government agreed to quell the nastiest dispute in the airline industry for a year. However, whether things have really changed is uncleawr

Getting a free upgrade is harder than ever, according to an air miles expert — and a fancy jacket won’t get you anywhere

Business Insider spoke to Rob Burgess, the founder of air miles blog Head for Points.
Delta Air Lines CEO Ed Bastian.

Delta’s CEO says the nastiest rivalry in the airline industry is more complex than people think

Delta CEO Ed Bastian sounds off on Emirates, Etihad, and Qatar Airways.
Singapore Airlines economy class cabin.

RANKED: The 10 best economy-class airlines in the world

These are the airlines you want to fly in economy. Thai Airways, Qatar Airways, Asiana, and Singapore Airlines lead the way.