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The 10 richest royal families in Europe, ranked

Queen Elizabeth II has a net worth over $500 million, but the British royal family isn't Europe's richest.

Buckingham Palace has a bizarre tradition of taking an MP hostage when the Queen enters Parliament in case something bad happens to her

MP Stuart Andrew was held hostage at the palace while Her Majesty delivered a speech at the State Opening of Parliament on Monday.
Elton John (left) and Queen Elizabeth II with Prince Andrew.

Elton John called Prince Andrew’s 21st birthday party ‘the world’s quietest disco’ because no one wanted to offend the Queen

The singer said that despite the music being "turned down about as low as you could get without switching it off," he still danced with Her Majesty.
Her Majesty the Queen is reportedly also known as "Sharon" or "S."

The Queen’s royal protection officers reportedly use ‘Sharon’ as a secret codename for her when out in public

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are also reportedly called "Davina Scott" and "David Stevens" by palace staff.

The most iconic photos from 29 royal weddings throughout modern British history

To celebrate Sarah Ferguson's birthday on October 15, Insider gathered photos or paintings from the most iconic royal weddings throughout history.
The Queen and Elton John

Elton John says the Queen once slapped her nephew across the face repeatedly for disobeying her

John says he saw her majesty say, "Don't argue with me, I am the Queen," slapping Viscount Linley between each word.
Princess Beatrice and Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi, left, and Queen Elizabeth, right.

Here’s how Princess Beatrice’s wedding to property tycoon and single dad Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi will change the royal family

Queen Elizabeth II will be welcoming two new members into the family when Princess Beatrice gets married next year.
Britain's Queen Elizabeth is hiring a live-in housekeeper.

The Queen is hiring a real-life Cinderella to live in Buckingham Palace or Windsor Castle

As Her Majesty's new housekeeper, you'll get to live in a royal palace and rub shoulders with a real-life prince.
Queen Elizabeth II smiles as she arrives in Scotland in 2015.

7 times Queen Elizabeth was a royal rebel and broke her own protocol

From drinking whiskey with her personal chef to accepting flowers from fans, Her Majesty has broken a lot of rules.

People in the UK are calling for the monarchy to be abolished with a viral hashtag after the Queen agreed to shut down Parliament

#AbolishTheMonarchy began trending on Twitter after the Queen agreed on Wednesday to suspend Parliament.