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Queso has always been a thorny subject at Chipotle.

We tried the latest in Chipotle’s quest to perfect its queso — and found the chain finally has a worthy menu item

We tried Chipotle's new queso blanco and thought it was far superior to the queso recipe currently being served at the chain.
Chipotle's new Queso Blanco.

Chipotle just launched a brand new ‘Queso Blanco’ made with 2 types of cheese

The Queso Blanco features two types of aged cheeses and incorporates Serrano, Poblano and Chipotle peppers.
Chipotle's quesadilla.

Chipotle is planning to add new items to the menu, but first it wants customers to figure out what ‘sofritas’ and ‘barbacoa’ a...

"When you ask people 'Did you know we had carnitas, barbacoa, or sofritas?' a lot of people are like, what is that?" Chipotle's CEO said.
Chipotle's queso was initially slammed as a "crime against cheese."

Chipotle tweaked its queso after customers called it ‘dumpster juice’ — and now it’s suddenly driving up sales

Chipotle reported a 3.3% increase in same-store sales during its most recent quarter, citing menu price increases and demand for queso as the main reasons for growth.
Chipotle's New York City test kitchen

Chipotle is testing a trendy new menu item — and it shows that the struggling chain has entered a new era

Chipotle added quinoa to the menu at its New York City test kitchen.
Chipotle queso.

Chipotle changed its queso recipe after customers revolted against the ‘dumpster juice’ — now the cheesy dip is one of the chainR...

Chipotle's queso was responsible for a boost in customers' average checks at the chain.

Chipotle just hinted at adding 3 new menu items

Chipotle hinted at adding grains, nachos, and quesadillas to its menu.

4 reasons why Chipotle will never be as good as its biggest rival

Why is Qdoba better than Chipotle? It's the queso. And the guacamole. Well, it's nearly everything.
Chipotle queso.

Chipotle’s free queso deal has backfired as people slam the dip as ‘nasty’ and demand the chain kill the menu item

Chipotle is giving away free queso, but instead of celebrating, people are calling it "nasty."
Chipotle queso.

Chipotle is giving away free queso to convince customers to try the new recipe — here’s how to get some

Chipotle is giving away free queso on Tuesday. All customers have to do is wear a "cheesy sweater" to get free queso with their order.