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Larhonda Young.

A retired black police officer in Fort Worth, where Atatiana Jefferson was killed, says she’s afraid to get stopped by her department’s of...

Retired officer Larhonda Young said as a "black female, former police officer," she's afraid to be stopped by Fort Worth police.
Students burned books written by a Latina professor after she urged them in a lecture to think about their white privilege.

College students burned a Latina professor’s book after she urged them to think about their white privilege

A Georgia Southern University spokesperson told Insider burning was within students' First Amendment rights but didn't align with the school's values.
Democratic presidential hopeful US entrepreneur Andrew Yang makes his way through the spin room after the second round of the second Democratic primary debate in July.

Andrew Yang’s Asian jokes may be popular at political debates, but they aren’t going over well in the Asian-American community

Democratic 2020 presidential nominee Andrew Yang often makes jokes about his Asian-American identity. They don't always land.
Former HUD Secretary Julian Castro (right), took several shots at Joe Biden (left) in the September 12 Democratic debate

Joe Biden responded to a debate question about slavery and reparations by going off on a tangent about how black parents should raise their kids, and ...

Commentators raised serious concerns about Biden taking a question about the legacy of slavery and making it about inadequate parenting.
In one Virginia county, marriage license applicants are given a list of roughly 200 racial categories to choose from.

3 Virginia couples were denied marriage licenses because they refused to disclose their race. Now they’re suing the state.

Each of the couples went to apply for marriage licenses, but were presented instead with bizarre — and even offensive — lists of racial categories.
Crusher Club founder Sally Hazelgrove, pictured cutting dreadlocks off of two teens.

An NFL and Roc Nation-backed nonprofit cut kids’ dreadlocks off as a symbol for ‘a better life’ and people are outraged

Crushers Club founder Sally Hazelgrove came under fire on Thursday when images emerged of her cutting dreadlocks for teens.
Former Vice President Joe Biden speaks in Chicago in November 2017.

Joe Biden warned about ‘welfare mothers driving luxury cars’ in a 1988 column

Former VP Joe Biden's half-century of public life has drawn extensive attention to his record on race and civil rights in the 2020 Democratic primary.
Jason Hackett and Alex Housden.

A black news anchor was compared to a gorilla on live TV by one of his colleagues, and he’s using it as a powerful lesson that ‘words matt...

Alex Housden, an anchor for KOCO in Oklahoma City, ended a segment about a gorilla at the zoo by comparing the animal to her coanchor, Jason Hackett.
Four black teens say they were held at gunpoint by a white homeowner while they were knocking on doors for a football fundraiser.

4 black teens going door-to-door for a fundraiser say a white woman held them at gunpoint and threatened to shoot

The woman has been charged with four counts each of false imprisonment, aggravated assault, and endangering the welfare of a minor.
Google walkout, November 2018

Google employees are circulating a memo written by a former Googler who says they encountered racism and ‘never stopped feeling the burden of be...

The former employee also laid out three steps they think Google should take to improve its diversity and inclusion efforts.