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Director-General of the WHO, Dr. Tedros Adhanom.

The WHO director-general says he’s received death threats while leading the global effort to control the coronavirus pandemic

Speaking in a press conference on Wednesday, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said he's received racist death threats.
Members of the Asian American Commission hold a press conference on the steps of the Massachusetts State House to condemn racism towards the Asian American community because of coronavirus in March 2020.

Biases you didn’t know existed in the healthcare industry, and how they impact patients and medical professionals

People of different races, genders, and sexual preferences could be impacted by conscious and unconscious discrimination.
A man carries groceries during a nationwide coronavirus near Durban, South Africa.

2 top French doctors said on live TV that coronavirus vaccines should be tested on poor Africans, leaving viewers horrified

Jean-Paul Mira and Camille Locht carried out the discussion on live French TV, leaving viewers including top African soccer players furious.
CNN host Jake Tapper, left, and CNN senior correspondent Kyung Lah.

CNN anchor denounces ‘stupid and racist’ behavior after a passerby hurled a racial slur at Asian-American colleague

He "should be self-quarantined from society anyway," CNN anchor Jake Tapper said, defending Kyung Lah, an Asian-American who grew up in Chicago.

White supremacists discussed using the coronavirus as a bioweapon, explosive internal document reveals

They suggested leaving "saliva on door handles" at FBI offices, spitting on elevator buttons, and spreading the virus in "nonwhite neighborhoods."
There has been an uptick of racist incidents against Asian Americans since the coronavirus pandemic.

Kansas official says coronavirus isn’t a problem because there aren’t many Chinese people there

The coronavirus pandemic and related racist rhetoric have sparked hate crimes toward Asian Americans.
President Donald Trump at a daily briefing from the coronavirus task force.

Photos of Trump’s prepared remarks for Thursday’s White House briefing show he altered ‘Corona Virus’ to ‘Chinese Virus&...

Trump and Republican officials frequently call the disease the "Chinese virus" even as public-health officials say the term is racist and xenophobic.

Trump brushes off ‘kung-flu’ remark and claims Asian Americans would agree with calling it the ‘Chinese coronavirus’

Trump said he didn't believe the term "kung-flu" would put Asian Americans at risk of xenophobic attacks amid the coronavirus pandemic.
People watch Donald Trump's coronavirus speech in a bar in Seattle, Washington, on March 11, 2020.

Trump called the coronavirus a ‘foreign virus,’ part of a clear strategy to blame the pandemic on other places like China and Europe

As the coronavirus spreads Trump is doubling down on a familiar tactic — blaming foreigners and pledging anti-immigration measures.
Qasim Rashid shared a photo of himself on Twitter with Oz Dillon, who had previously send him racist comments on the social media platform.

A Muslim congressional candidate was the target of ‘deeply hurtful’ racist tweets from a constituent. He responded by helping pay his medi...

Oz Dillon sent Qasim Rashid, Democrat for US Congress, racist tweets. Rashid made a donation towards the man's medical debt and others followed suit.