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Amy Cooper trended Monday after a confrontation with a black man who asked her to leash her dog in Manhattan's Central Park.

It’s a bad week to be named Amy Cooper

Several Amy Coopers have received hate mail after being mistaken for the woman who called police on a Central Park birdwatcher.
DeAndre Arnold, 18, made national headlines after his school suspended him over his hairstyle. He attended the 2020 Oscars as a guest of the actress Gabrielle Union.

2 black teens were suspended for wearing their hair in dreadlocks, and now their mothers are suing the school district

DeAndre Arnold, 18, made headlines earlier this year after he was forbidden from walking in his graduation ceremony unless he cut his dreadlocks.
Halsey, left, is a vocal supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Halsey calls out fellow celebrities who are ‘choosing to be silent’ about George Floyd’s death: ‘You have seen that a man was ...

George Floyd died on Monday after a white police officer, Derek Chauvin, kneeled on his neck. It sparked fury from the Black Lives Matter movement.
John Boyega went on Instagram Live to blast racist fans.

‘Star Wars’ lead John Boyega went on Instagram Live to berate fans who criticized him for tweeting about the George Floyd case

"F--- you, racist white people," said the actor, who played Finn. "I said what I said. And if you don't f---ing like it, go suck a d---."

A white venture capitalist threatened to call the police on a group of black men in a Minneapolis gym, and a video of the incident is trending

Tom Austin, a venture capitalist, later apologized and said a building manager's email previously flagged concerns of non-tenants using the gym.

Police arrested a Bay Area woman who they say posted racist notes on the homes of Asian Americans

The notes suggested that those not native to the US leave the country immediately.
When Kimberly Witt and her husband adopted their two sons from Ethiopia, they thought they could offer them a safe and fulfilling life in their small town in Iowa.

I’m white. My sons are black. The Central Park incident confirmed that my kids won’t be safe anywhere.

I thought moving my family to a more diverse city would protect my black children from racism. I was wrong.

I’m black and genderfluid, and I had to break up with my white therapist because she didn’t understand race

A 22-year-old musician told Insider about ending their relationship with their therapist because she didn't understand race.
Video of the incident posted to Twitter appears to show the woman calling the police while the man records the interaction.

A New York woman who called the police and falsely claimed that there was an ‘African-American man threatening her life’ said her actions ...

According to NBC News, the woman has been put on administrative leave by her employer as a result of the incident.
Video of the incident posted to Twitter appears to show the woman calling the police while the man records the interaction.

A woman in a video appears to call the police claiming there’s an ‘African American man threatening my life’ — he apparently h...

Police officers were called to Central Park in New York City over an argument that apparently centered on a dog being off-leash in a protected area.