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The traditional Ramadan fast is similar to types of intermittent fasting. Both may have health benefits.

There’s more evidence that fasting may make you healthier, and it comes from studying Ramadan observers

The study included 14 people who fasted from dawn to sunset for Ramadan. Previous research has shown intermittent fasting may help with weight loss.
Here's what to avoid saying to Muslim coworkers during Ramadan.

7 things you should avoid saying to a fasting coworker during Ramadan

Many Muslims appreciate questions during the month of Ramadan, but some phrases can be avoided. Here's what to avoid saying if possible.

Mahathir’s Ramadan advice? Don’t eat too much at bazaars

A recent survey of muslims in Malaysia found that 70 per cent spent the most money on food on during the holy month.

Fasting? No sweat. Half of all Malaysian Muslims continue to work out during Ramadan to keep fit, survey finds

But 7 in 10 said the hardest thing during fasting was not drinking water.

Good news for everyone – this year’s Geylang Serai Bazaar offers more traditional Malay food and store rentals capped at S$14,000

The event had received feedback from visitors that last year's bazaar featured many stalls selling "hipster" food.

16 breathtaking photos of Eid celebrations around the world

The holiday marks the breaking of the Ramadan fast, where practising Muslims forgo food and drink from sunrise to sunset, for one month.