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Robert Pattinson has been in a range of movies, from historical dramas to fantasy films.

Every single Robert Pattinson movie, ranked

From "Twilight" and "The King" to "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire," here are the actor's best and worst films according to critics.

DBS’ Piyush Gupta is the only CEO from SE Asia on Harvard Business Review’s list of world’s top 100 CEOs

Gupta is also the first Singapore CEO to be featured on HBR's annual list, DBS said.
Zac Efron has starred in a variety of films, from musicals to dramas.

Every single Zac Efron movie, ranked

Critics enjoyed his musicals like "High School Musical 2" and "Hairspray" but disliked "Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile" and "Baywatch."
Brie Larson's been in some critical darlings and some flops.

Every single Brie Larson movie, ranked

From "Avengers: Endgame" and "Room" to "Hoot" and "Captain Marvel," here are all of the actor's films from worst to best, according to critics.
Melissa McCarthy has played a variety of roles, from criminals to ghost hunters.

14 of Melissa McCarthy’s best movies of all time

According to audiences, some of her most impressive performances are in star-studded comedies, spy flicks, and crime films.
Disney Channel has streamed a lot of family-friendly, scary movies.

Every Halloween-themed Disney Channel original movie, ranked by audiences

Viewers sang their praises for festive flicks like "Halloweentown" but gave spooky films like "Tower of Terror" poor reviews.
Some cheeses are better than others on top of a juicy beef patty.

The only cheeses you should top your burger with

Insider spoke with two cheese experts to determine the best varieties to put on your burger. Hint: it's not cheddar.
The Gare Du Nord in Paris, France.

36 train stations every railroad fan needs to see in his lifetime

Make your travel journey more interesting by visiting these 36 train stations that are great attractions on the way to your final destination.
A lot of classic films can help you get into a fall mood.

15 popular movies that’ll put you in a fall mood, ranked

From football flicks and back-to-school films to autumnal romances and Halloween features, here's what critics say about famous seasonal movies.
Zendaya has been in some hits and flops, according to audiences.

Every single Zendaya movie, ranked

Audiences have enjoyed her films like "The Greatest Showman" and "Spider-Man: Homecoming" but a lot of her animated flicks were poorly reviewed.