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Elijah Daniel and Sam F are midway through their 'Final Tour' as Lil Ph-- and Dr. Woke.

How an internet comedian pivoted to a career in music with in-your-face gay rap that has teens traveling for hours to see his shows

Elijah Daniel is an internet prankster turned YouTuber turned gay rapper. Now, he's running influencer brands Mark Cuban-style.
Side-by-side images of Eminem and Rihanna.

What appears to be a newly leaked Eminem verse includes a line about beating ‘b—-‘ Rihanna like Chris Brown

A leaked snippet of what appears to be an Eminem verse includes a line about beating Rihanna and siding with Chris Brown.
Circle K in Peoria, Arizona.

An Arizona man reportedly told police he fatally stabbed a teenager because the boy’s rap music made him feel ‘unsafe’

Michael Paul Adams, 27, reportedly admitted to police that he stabbed the 17-year-old at a Circle K in Peoria, Arizona, on Thursday.

Eminem torches Trump in an expletive-filled freestyle rap

The Detroit rapper Eminem performed the anti-Donald Trump freestyle rap for the BET Hip Hop Awards on Tuesday night.

China is now fighting against the US’s advanced missile system with a rap battle

"How many times do I have to warn you my lovely little neighbor boy? You don’t really want that little toy, you know," one of the Chinese rappers says.