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A new fund will help Singaporeans with rare diseases cope with hefty bills, which can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars

The Government is doing a 3-to-1 matching for contributions made to this meaningful fund.
After petting and feeding a stray cat while on vacation, UK-based Gemma Birch began feeling faint, vomiting, and experiencing an extremely swollen stomach.

A woman developed an uncommon disease after petting a stray cat, and her body basically attacked itself

After petting and caring for a stray cat while on vacation, Gemma Birch developed a rare autoimmune disease called Guillain-Barré syndrome.
RDMD co-founders Nancy Yu and Onno Faber.

A company that calls itself the ‘Flatiron Health of rare diseases’ and is backed by Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and Jeff Bezos just raise...

A drug development platform for rare disease just announced $3 million in seed funding, led by investment companies with a network of backers that include Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and Jeff Bezos.

Ovid Therapeutics shares fall 28% as investors question new drug data

New York-based biotech company Ovid Therapeutics announced on Monday positive phase 2 trial results for its treatment for a rare disease called Angelman Syndrome. Its stock, however, fell 28% following the announcement.

A 24-year old got a mysterious disease where her body attacked her brain — and everyone thought it was in her mind

There’s lot we still don’t know about autoimmune encephalitis, but experts believe it’s part of a larger class of diseases in which the body turns on itself.

Trump has made his FDA pick — here’s what that could mean for the agency

Multiple outlets have reported that Dr. Scott Gottlieb is expected to be nominated as the commissioner of the FDA.

Trump tweets that he’s working on a ‘new system where there will be competition in the drug industry’

"I am working on a new system where there will be competition in the Drug Industry," Trump tweeted. "Pricing for the American people will come way down!"

Trump wants to upend the ‘slow and burdensome’ drug-approval process at the FDA — here’s what the agency actually does

Trump spent a portion of his speech to a joint session of Congress airing his grievances about prescription drug.