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A woman cleans the entrance of a building next to a Cuban flag hung up to dry after Hurricane Irma caused flooding and a blackout, in Havana, September 11, 2017.

The response to ‘health attacks’ on US diplomats in Cuba suggests nobody knows what’s going on

There's little sign the US or Cuba knows who's attacked US diplomats on the island, but there are worries hardliners are exploiting the situation.

Trump’s rollback of Obama’s Cuba policies may harm the Cubans it means to help

Trump's efforts to further isolate the Cuban government and bolster the island's private businesses may have the opposite effect.

I traveled to Cuba after Fidel Castro’s death — and it was far different from what I expected

Cuba appears to be in a historical moment following Fidel Castro's death. I traveled to Cuba two weeks after. It was not what I expected.

With Fidel Castro gone, a new ‘maximum leader’ looms over the US-Cuban relationship

If it comes down to who Trump listens to, then the US's Cuba relationship may be about to see a major shift.

Obama on Fidel Castro’s death: ‘History will record and judge the enormous impact of this singular figure’

Normalizing relations with Cuba is one of Obama's signature foreign policy achievements.

‘Blood, sweat, and tears’: What a Trump presidency could mean for the Western Hemisphere

Trump has earned the derision of much of Latin America, but not all his possible positions are anathema to leaders in the region. For now, uncertainty reigns.

Fidel Castro turned 90 on Saturday, so Cubans made him a 90-meter-long cigar

"Soon I'll be like all the rest," the 90-year-old former Cuban leader said. "Everyone's turn comes."