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The best razors for women

Whether you want a razor with shaving cream built in, a small one for facial hair, or one for the bikini area, you'll find a new favorite here.
Some iconic beer brands have failed to win over millennials.

Millennials and their spending habits are wreaking havoc on these 18 industries

From golf equipment makers to razor manufacturers, changing millennial tastes have hit some companies hard.

Bearded millennials are causing a crisis in the razor industry as the unshaven look loses its bad reputation

Beards remain extremely popular, especially among millennials. The era of beards is causing problems in the razor industry, with sales falling by 5.1% over the last year.
Dollar Shave Club's razors and shave butter.

Dollar Shave Club is entering the cutthroat world of UK razors: ‘We like competition’

The subscription razor business faces competition from Harry's and Cornerstone, not to mention Gillette and Wilkinson's Sword.

Meet the 28-year-old founder of a razor startup who hopes his customers will ‘never have to go to Boots again’

Founder Oliver Bridge told Business Insider: 'The whole concept is our customers will never have to go to Boots again.'

Hipster New York shaving brand Harry’s is launching in the UK

New York-based Harry's, founded in 2013, manufactures razor blades and shaving handles, as well as making shaving cream and after shave balm.

Gillette just made an unprecedented change to be more like its competitors

Gillette On Demand will allow customers to purchase blades whenever they want, or as part of a subscription.