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U.S. President Donald Trump and China's President Xi Jinping make joint statements at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, China, November 9, 2017.

A venture capitalist and a congressman are sounding the alarm on the US losing its science and tech leadership to China

Imagine waking up to discover that all encryption had been rendered useless by a Chinese quantum computing breakthrough.

A Harvard University R&D lab just picked up $100 million of hedge-fund cash

Harvard University researchers may be able to get drugs to market far quicker after a hedge fund plowed $100 million into a new R&D partnership.

As Apple’s stock plunged, a billion-dollar wealth manager sent an email saying not to freak out. Here’s why he thinks the tech titan is se...

One of the best CEO's 'on the planet' backed by fierce generals and hefty R&D put Apple in a very strong position, according to this wealth manager.

The FDA just refused to review a new depression drug — and the company’s stock is tanking

The FDA just turned away Alkermes' approval submission for its new drug to treat major depressive disorder.
TwoXar cofounders Andrew M. Radin and Andrew A. Radin

A startup that uses software to discover new drugs just raised $10 million

TwoXar, a startup that uses software to discover new, experimental drugs, just raised $10 million from investors including SoftBank Ventures.

Google X founder explains ‘The Valley of Death’ in product development

There's a reason why all sorts of breakthrough technologies developed by researchers go ignored.

Apple is spending billions on secret R&D projects — and it keeps spending more

Apple spent $2.8 billion on R&D last quarter. That's up from $2.4 billion a year ago. Here's what Apple could be spending its R&D money on.

Tesla burns way more cash on R&D than traditional car makers

Tesla Motors is playing the long game.

Here’s how pharma companies figure out which drugs to bet on years before they’ll ever make money

Bob Abraham, Pfizer's head of oncology research and development, tells Business Insider what it takes to find out which medicines are going to go the distance.