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New York City apartment sales dropped dramatically in 2019 after a new renting law was enacted

Apartment sales in New York City fell 40% by dollar volume in 2019 compared to 2018, according to a report by Ariel Property Advisors.
Located just outside Philadelphia, the historic Lynnwood Hall has remained empty for at least a decade.

7 multimillion-dollar homes that have been sitting on the market for years

Some multimillion-dollar homes sell in just days, while others sit on the marketplace for years. Take a look these luxury homes no one's buying.
Berlin skyline.

Berlin is freezing rents for the next 5 years, and it’s a major step in the city’s efforts to prevent an increasingly serious housing cris...

Germany is dealing with a shortage of affordable housing. The government hopes to build 1.5 million affordable units by 2021.
Negotiating a sale.

7 easy tricks to make more money when selling your home according to real estate agents

INSIDER spoke to real estate agents to get the scoop on how to optimize profit when selling your home or property.
The San Francisco metro area has 46 $1 million cities.

The US has more million-dollar real estate markets than ever — here are 23 cities where the typical home will be $1 million by next year

Nearly 200 cities had a median home value of at least $1 million in June, and 23 cities are projected to join the seven-figure club by summer 2019.
Barbara Corcoran.

‘Shark Tank’ star and real-estate mogul Barbara Corcoran is coming to IGNITION 2018 to discuss her extraordinary career

Hear more about the real-estate mogul’s decades-long entrepreneurial career at IGNITION 2018.
Buyer demand is in high gear.

California’s housing market has reached a boiling point, and a typical home costs $600,000

The median price for a home in California has topped $600,000, a new record high and more than double the national median home price. The Bay Area is the most expensive region, with five counties recording a median price above $1 million.

Here’s how big a home you can buy for $400,000 in the 25 biggest cities in America

Based on data from Zillow on the price per square foot in cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, and Dallas.

How to find the perfect real estate agent, in 4 steps

Finding the best real estate agent comes down to vetting their experience and ensuring they're ethical.

California may be the most desirable place to live in the US, but employers can’t recruit ‘high-performers’ thanks to insane housing...

USC conducted a survey of 14 of Los Angeles' largest employers to find out how housing costs are affecting recruiting.