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James R.

A semi-retiree who works part-time from home found there’s such thing as too much alone time — even for an introvert

A college professor who retired about five years ago works part-time from home — but found it's much quieter than his university office.
Edd and Cynthia Staton.

A couple who retired abroad say expat life isn’t quite as ‘exotic’ as you might think

Edd and Cynthia Staton retired abroad in 2009. While living costs are lower, day-to-day life in Cuenca, Ecuador, isn't that different from the States.
Joe and Karen Stermitz in Mexico.

A couple who wanted to travel in retirement sold their 4,000-square-foot house to afford it, and they aren’t sorry

Joe and Karen Stermitz retired from corporate careers wanting to see the world. So they sold their house and moved into a camper to do it.
Karen Stermitz with the couple's overlanding vehicle while camping in Oaxaca, Mexico.

A retired couple who travels full-time has 3 go-to strategies to make their savings last for years

Joe and Karen Stermitz are driving around the world in retirement. They travel in inexpensive countries, camp, and prioritize spending to do it.
David Fisher with his 1932 Ford roadster.

A New York retiree says people who think his state is too expensive for retirement ‘could not be more wrong’

A New York retiree says income and real estate tax breaks for seniors and affordable costs of living upstate make his state great for retirement.