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Michele De Leeuw

A nearly brain-dead woman who was taken off life support is almost fully recovered after four months

Michele De Leeuw, 57, was left nearly brain dead after suffering a heart attack at her Sterling Heights, Michigan, home in August.
Jessica Biel at the 2017 Golden Globes.

Jessica Biel swears by this trick to beat muscle soreness — but top personal trainers aren’t convinced

Jessica Biel recently revealed her technique for easing post-workout pain, but top personal trainers aren't convinced it's the best approach to take.
Demi Lovato has been open about her recovery process.

8 times celebrities have gotten brutally honest about the ups and downs of addiction and recovery

Demi Lovato released a new song in June 2018 that seems to suggest that she's relapsed after years of sobriety — she's not alone. Here are 6 other celebrities that have been honest about their struggles with recovery and relapses.

A facility giving marijuana to people with addiction has had a major shakeup after it felt ‘like walking into a cloud of smoke’

A rehab facility in Los Angeles that gave marijuana to patients dealing with addiction has had a major shakeup. After an internal dispute, the founder of High Sobriety has moved to San Francisco to open a new facility called Remedy Recovery.

The first boys rescued from a Thai cave have been given chocolate and a TV — but can’t turn it on

The boys had asked for a number of their favorite dishes while trapped in the cave, but they are only being fed plain foods at the moment. The boys also have a TV in their room, but can't watch it yet for the sake of their mental health.

Patriots linebacker James Harrison reportedly spends $300,000 a year to fly out specialists to keep his body in top form

James Harrison has a wildly expensive wellness routine that helps keep his 39-year-old body NFL ready

Recovering heroin addict explains why it’s so hard to stay clean — even in rehab

Andi Peterson had access to drug treatment and health insurance. It still took her half a decade to get clean.

There’s a medical problem that marijuana might be able to help that no one is talking about

These approaches share the belief that we should stop treating addiction as a moral issue and start treating it as a medical one.