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You can even repurpose your picture frames.

30 genius ways to repurpose everyday items you have in your home

Before you throw away your egg cartons, toilet paper rolls, and extra bed sheet, here are a few ways to reuse them.

Employees at TripAdvisor, Oppo and Deliveroo are now involved in ‘food swapping’ – and have saved 25kg of food in 30 days

These mega companies are swapping food items in the office to combat waste.
A girl recycles plastic and glass.

Here’s what Earth might look like in 100 years — if we’re lucky

In the best-case scenarios, the future of human life on Earth looks pretty worrisome. In the worst-case scenarios, the world might be unrecognizable.
Coffee filter.

15 food scraps everyone throws out — but are actually super useful

Even though they seem "gross," there are ways in which we can use our throwaway food scraps for good — and ways in which we can recycle them to create even more great meals.