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12 celebrities you didn’t realize were refugees

As the refugee crisis remains in the international spotlight, it's a good time to take note of what they're capable of.
A Nigerian migrant pauses as he approaches the US-Canada border, where Royal Canadian Mounted Police officers waited to arrest him.

People are fleeing the US to seek asylum in Canada, and the pause they take before crossing the border illegally is powerful

The migrants who manage to reach Roxham Road are fleeing poverty, violence, or danger back home, all to seek a new life in Canada.
Blaise Kidasharira, 34, talks to INSIDER just feet away from the US-Canada border, before he crossed it illegally to seek asylum.

A Burundian asylum-seeker who fled the US explains why he left behind everything he knew to reach safety in Canada

In the last two years, nearly 40,000 migrants have entered Canada illegally, many of them seeking asylum they believe is out of reach in the US.
Janet McFetridge shows INSIDER scraps of litter she has picked up from migrants who cross the border to Canada at Roxham Road.

One woman spends hours at the US border in rural New York every day, outfitting immigrants with knitted hats and gloves before they flee to Canada

Janet McFetridge is the deputy mayor of the border village of Champlain, New York. She spends her days helping migrants fleeing the US to Canada.
Donald Trump at the Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition Forum in Des Moines while campaigning for president in September 2015.

Ex-White House aide Cliff Sims struggled to ‘reconcile’ Christian beliefs with Trump’s anti-refugee stance

In his new book, "Team of Vipers," Sims says he "sometimes cringed" at President Donald Trump's rhetoric on refugees, which he says "lacked nuance."
Stephen Miller talks to reporters about President Donald Trump's immigration system in December 2017.

Stephen Miller said he ‘would be happy if not a single refugee’ came to the US, according to ex-Trump aide

White House senior policy adviser and controversial immigration policy head Stephen Miller is quoted in a tell-all memoir openly disparaging refugees
An immigrant who introduced himself to INSIDER as George pulls his luggage from a taxi, as he prepares to cross the border into Canada.

One asylum-seeker explains why he’s fleeing Trump’s America and seeking refuge in Canada

One asylum-seeker who said he had been living in the US for 25 years explained why he was seeking refuge in Canada, away from President Donald Trump.
Former US Ambassador to Vietnam Ted Osius resigned shortly after the Trump administration directed him to convince Vietnam to accept the migrants.

The Trump administration is renewing its push to deport thousands of Vietnamese immigrants with criminal convictions — including some war r...

The White House is reportedly trying for the second time to reinterpret a 2008 agreement barring the US from deporting certain Vietnamese immigrants.

A large majority of Americans support current or increased levels of immigration, while most of Europe wants fewer migrants

A new poll found Americans more open to increased immigration than most Europeans. Worldwide, far more people would like to see immigration decrease.

The Trump administration said it would admit up to 45,000 refugees this year, but ended up taking in fewer than half

The Trump administration announced last month it would slash the annual refugee cap to 30,000 for the 2019 fiscal year, but it accepted far fewer than that in the current year. The US has been steadily reducing the amount of refugees it accepts since President Trump took office.