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Facebook’s consumer-hardware chief, Regina Dugan, is leaving after less than 2 years

Regina Dugan is leaving her position as the head of Facebook's fledgling consumer-hardware lab, Building 8.

Facebook is putting a top exec in charge of all hardware and readying an ‘Aloha’ video chat device

Facebook has tapped a veteran exec to lead all of its consumer hardware, including Oculus and Building 8, which will ship the "Aloha" video chat device.

Facebook is working on a type of device so tough to build, even Google gave up on it

Facebook appears to be taking a page out of Google's playbook for its forthcoming push into consumer hardware, according to a new patent.

How Google’s band of hardware pirates has re-invented itself after its legendary leader jumped ship

Now part of the same hardware group that ships Pixel smartphones, the ATAP pirates have had to adapt to the new reality at Google.

‘Not a random idea factory’: Why Facebook says its brain sensors are closer than you think

Facebook already knows what you like and who you talk to, but its next goal is to understand your actual thoughts.

Facebook is working on tech to let you type with your brain and ‘hear with your skin’

Facebook is working on futuristic technology that will let people type using only brain waves the understand thoughts through only skin contact.

Facebook employees are protesting Trump’s immigration ban by boycotting flying

While Facebook's top executives have already spoken out against President Trump's immigration ban, other employees are protesting the ban by boycotting flying.

Facebook has a mysterious team working on tech that sounds a lot like mind reading

Recently posted job listings from Facebook indicate that its Building 8 hardware team is working on futuristic technology that sounds a lot like telepathy.

Facebook’s bulking up the team for its mysterious new hardware division: Building 8

There is no Building 8 structure to serve as a home base on Facebook's campus yet, but the company is already well into a recruiting drive to enlist top talent.