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A woman with terminal cancer had Snapchat sex with a stranger, but her husband didn’t see it as cheating

Molly, the star of a new podcast Dying For Sex, said she and her husband's libidos didn't match when she got cancer, so she sought pleasure elsewhere.

What it’s like to be a dominatrix who gets paid to wrestle and trash-talk men

Lola Jean is a New York City-based sex educator and dominatrix who got her start play-wrestling at a BDSM dungeon.

The top 10 reasons couples go to therapy, according to a psychotherapist

From jealousy and infidelity to fights over money and in-law tensions, the top issues that couples fight about all have one thing in common.
"Fulfillment doesn't come just from work," Perel told Insider.

How to tell if your job really sucks or if you’re just too picky about your career, according to renowned therapist Esther Perel

If you constantly move from job to job because you feel dissatisfied, Perel said it could mean you need to reframe how you think about work.
Orenstein wrote that "although hookups are explicitly meant to be devoid of feeling, guys in college use them in part to experience emotional closeness."

College hookups are an emotional outlet for men, according to an author who interviewed dozens of students

In reality, however, hookups are devoid of emotional connection because men fear showing too much emotion, Peggy Orenstein wrote.
Women who get promoted are more likely to get divorced.

Research shows that women are more likely to get divorced shortly after a promotion — and that’s not always a bad thing

The same study found that divorces following career boosts were most common in marriages where the wife was younger by a large margin.
I wouldn't go so far as to say it was the "best date ever," but it was enlightening.

I had Valentine’s Day dinner with my reflection in the name of self-love, and it made me realize I need to be kinder to myself

Self-love is something I didn't realize I had very little of until I was staring down a mirror on Valentine's Day.
Marriage story depicts the struggles that come with divorce.

NOT A FAIRYTALE: How Americans can survive and thrive after a divorce

Many Americans face a bad relationship in their lives. Here are some tips when divorce becomes a reality.
It's possible that past trauma has subconsciously informed how you think about romantic relationships.

I’ve never been sexually attracted to my partner of 5 years. Is it worth staying in a stable relationship without any intimacy?

Thinking about relationships in terms of extremes won't help you achieve the intimacy you're in search of.

I ate CBD and THC ‘love beans’ before having sex, and would recommend them to cannabis newbies who want spicier sex lives

The psychoactive cannabis beans helped me have a more intense orgasm, but they're not the only way to achieve a mind-blowing result.