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There's a lot that viewers can learn about relationships from "Friends."

11 major relationship lessons to learn from ‘Friends,’ according to a couples counselor

INSIDER spoke to a couples counselor and psychologist about the valuable relationship lessons viewers can learn from watching the TV show "Friends."

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If you use dating apps, it's almost inevitable that you'll come across the profile of one of your coworkers. And that can get awkward.
It might be time to make some changes on my profile.

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Resentment is not something you want to have in a relationship.

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Knowing that you could be holding onto resentment can help you work through things and move on — for good.
A couple kisses in New York City.

5 science-backed secrets to a successful marriage

There's no perfect formula for a happy relationship, but science has gotten pretty close.
Couples make it work in different ways.

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We make it work, even miles away from each other.

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Long-distance relationships aren't always easy — especially when you live on separate continents. But you can make it work.
Sometimes breakups are only temporary.

4 signs your breakup might not be permanent

From making amends to taking a break, here are some signs you and your ex might get back together after breaking up.
Breaking ups aren't easy but there are some things you can do that will definitely make them worse.

7 breakup mistakes that will destroy your chances of getting back together

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