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Bringing a new romantic partner home for the holidays is an exciting relationship milestone.

How to introduce your partner to your family for the first time during the holidays, according to a relationship expert

Insider spoke to relationship expert and bestselling author Susan Winter about the dos and don'ts of bringing a new partner home for the holidays.

My husband and I have a ‘family meeting’ every week, and it saved our marriage after I became a mom

Writer Melissa Petro found the first year of full-time motherhood overwhelming. To repair their relationship, her and her husband had family meetings.
Gal Szekely explains 5 Silicon Valley relationship problems.

A therapist reveals the 5 biggest relationship issues in Silicon Valley

Szekely explained Silicon Valley relationship problems including cultural differences and one person making a much larger salary.
Combining finances can lead to more savings, thanks to compound interest.

8 reasons couples should combine finances, according to experts

Research shows that combining finances with a partner can lead to a happier relationship, but more young couples are opting to keep things separate.
"The Office" depicted both healthy and unhealthy relationships throughout its run.

8 relationship lessons you can learn from ‘The Office,’ according to a therapist

An expert breaks down some of the unhealthy behaviors of toxic pairs, like Kelly and Ryan, and great traits of healthy couples, like Jim and Pam.
In "The Devil Wears Prada," Anne Hathaway's character's boyfriend wasn't supportive of her career.

My job is important to me, but my wife always changes the subject when I talk about it. Can I get her to care?

You can't force your partner to care, but you can have a discussion about what support looks like for both of you.
There's a lot that viewers can learn about relationships from "Friends."

11 major relationship lessons to learn from ‘Friends,’ according to a couples counselor

Insider spoke to an expert to break down about the valuable things about love and friendship that viewers can learn from watching the sitcom.
Engagement and wedding photos can say a lot about a couple.

Wedding photographers reveal how they can tell if a relationship will last — and whether it won’t

Wedding photographers pay special attention to the way couples interact to document their most authentic moments. Here's their relationship advice.
"You don't need to hate your ex," therapist Matt Lundquist said.

My ex and I have the same friend group and I’ve been skipping gatherings to prevent any drama. How can I make things less awkward so I don’...

It's hard to entirely avoid discomfort, but being the bigger person and reaching out your ex could solve your friend-related problems.
Sydnie and Bailey are high school sweethearts who lived happily ever after.

THEN AND NOW: 12 high school sweethearts compare prom and wedding photos and share their secrets to making a relationship last

INSIDER asked 12 married couples who have been together since high school for their secrets to making a relationship last. Here's how they do it.