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Sarah Paulson and Holland Taylor have been together for five years.

Sarah Paulson and Holland Taylor have been together for 5 years. Here’s a timeline of their relationship.

The "American Horror Story" star and the "To All The Boys" actress have been open about the 32-year age difference in their relationship.
Several celebrity couples have opened up about their divorces.

21 times celebrities opened up about their divorces

Recently, Ben Affleck said he regrets his divorce from Jennifer Garner. He's not the first famous person to talk about splitting up with a partner.
Being single means validating yourself, and not seeking it from other people.

The psychological reasons why being single is good for your self-esteem and makes your future relationships stronger

Being single allows you to learn what you really want and need from future relationships, and not settle for people who are wrong for you.
Two Brooklyn singles found each other during quarantine.

This man successfully asked out his neighbor via drone during quarantine: ‘I was just attracted to her energy’

A Brooklyn-based photographer asked out his neighbor via drone after seeing her dance on her rooftop.
Tim McGraw and Faith Hill.

THEN AND NOW: Here’s how the longest celebrity couples in the music industry evolved over the years

Music icons like Beyonce and Jay-Z have been together for decades and so have country music stars like Tim McGraw and Faith Hill.

The British government tells couples to ‘test the strength of their relationship’ and either quarantine together or stay apart during the ...

Dr. Jenny Harries, the deputy chief medical officer, said couples cannot keep seeing each other during the coronavirus pandemic if they live apart.
I decided to quarantine with my boyfriend during the coronavirus pandemic.

I live in New York and have family in Atlanta, but I decided to hunker down in DC with my boyfriend during the coronavirus pandemic

Prioritizing my partner was the right decision for me during the coronavirus outbreak, especially when staying away from my family could protect them.

Everything Justin and Hailey Bieber have said about their marriage, so far

The couple has spoken about waiting until marriage to have sex, and Justin called Hailey his "reward" after being celibate for over a year.
"Gossip Girl" is known for having some rather tumultuous relationships.

8 relationship lessons you can learn from ‘Gossip Girl,’ according to a therapist

The hit teen drama can actually teach viewers a lot of valuable things when it comes to love and breakups.
Date night ideas can range from the sexy to the silly.

10 date ideas you can plan without even leaving your house

Insider spoke to two relationship experts about healthy relationship practices and date ideas to try at home during the coronavirus outbreak.