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Photos show the emotional repatriation ceremony marking the return of US troops who died in the Korean War

Here's what the repatriation of the US remains from North Korea looked like.
A US Border Patrol Officer stands guard as construction workers raise the 30-foot high bollard style wall at the US-Mexico near Calexico, California on February 23, 2018.

Border Patrol agents were captured on video trying to dump an injured man across the US border because he ‘looks like’ he’s Mexican

US Border Patrol agents tried to dump an injured man, whose nationality they did not know, across the Mexican border, a new video published by NBC News shows.
A customer holds an iPad displaying a picture of Steve Jobs, during the opening of a new Apple Store in Nanjing, Jiangsu province, China.

BANK OF AMERICA: Massive amounts of overseas cash are about to pour into the US — and provide a boost to the dollar

A portion of the $3.5 trillion of profits that US multinationals have socked away abroad could be on its way back to the country.

Forget factories, most companies plan to use their overseas cash to pay down debts

In a recent survey, nearly two-thirds of the companies polled said they'd use the cash they'd stashed overseas to pay down debts. Might Apple be among them?

UBS: Apple could free up $24 billion by bringing back its overseas cash

Once President Donald Trump's corporate tax reform becomes law, Apple could bring back home up to $24 billion in overseas profits.
President Donald Trump's tax plan could bring $250 billion into the US in the form of repatriated overseas cash.

Trump’s tax plan could bring $250 billion into the US — here are the companies set to benefit most

President Donald Trump's tax plan could bring $250 billion into the US in the form of repatriated overseas cash. These are the 13 companies set to benefit most.

Here’s what America’s biggest companies plan to do with all that cash coming back to the US

Sixty-five percent of companies responding to a Bank of America Merrill Lynch survey say they would use at least some of the repatriated cash to pay down debt.

Trump’s tax plan could lead to billions of dollars flooding back to the US

The Trump administration and congressional Republicans are expected to come out with a bill to overhaul the US tax code on Thursday. It is expected to include a repatriation tax.

Wall Street says a major fear about Trump’s tax plan is overblown

Donald Trump's repatriation tax holiday isn't expected to be exploited for share buybacks to the same degree a similar measure was in 2004.

‘All the goodies but none of the pain’ — here’s what Wall Street is saying about Trump’s tax plan

A roundup of Wall Street reactions to the Republican tax plan released by President Donald Trump and his team on Wednesday.