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Erin Kate Dolan being kissed on air.

A sports reporter called out a Patriots fan who tried to kiss her on air

Erin Kate Dolan, a sports reporter for PointsBet Sportsbook, posted a clip of the incident online, saying “this field can test you.”
WWJ reporter Mike Campbell

A reporter covered a story on a missing 89-year-old with dementia and ended up finding the woman

WWJ reporter Mike Campbell found 89-year-old Barbara Kasler walking down a street in Shelby Township, Michigan, hours after she was reported missing.
EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt

Chaos erupts at EPA conference as reporter is grabbed by shoulders and shoved out

Reporters for multiple news outlets were barred from attending an Environmental Protection Agency summit on chemicals in drinking water on Tuesday. One was grabbed by the shoulders and forcibly shoved out of the EPA building by security guards.
Vice President Mike Pence

Female journalists were outraged after they were forced to stand behind their male colleagues during Pence’s visit to Israel

Female journalists were forced to stand behind their male colleagues while covering Vice President Mike Pence's visit to Israel's Western Wall this week.

Trump rolls his eyes and tells a reporter to ‘be quiet’ during a photo op with White House interns

President Donald Trump rolled his eyes and told a reporter to be "quiet" when she asked him questions during a photo shoot with the White House interns.

Paul Ryan announced he’s modernizing the House dress code after uproar over female reporters denied access

Paul Ryan announced that the House dress code will be "modernized" following recent uproar after female reporters were turned away from the Speaker’s lobby.

A sheriff’s department put reporters through police-shooting scenarios to show them ‘the difficulty of a split-second decision’

The video went viral after it was posted to the Lexington County Sheriff's Department's social-media channels.

Prominent digital journalist pulls out of Milwaukee: ‘For those who are perceivably white, it is just not safe to be here’

Journalist Tim Pool announced that he would leave Milwaukee after observing violence against reporters and "white people."