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This woman’s reaction to a giant python at the Singapore Zoo was so stunning, a video of it has gone viral

She literally stopped, dropped and rolled like she was on fire, one Twitter user commented.
The gene-edited lizard, top, and the control lizard were no bigger than a finger when they first hatched.

The world’s first gene-edited reptile is a finger-sized albino lizard

Scientists have successfully created the world's first gene-edited reptile — an albino lizard no bigger than a finger.

Malaysian teen finds 3 metre python in her bed, after waking up to ‘something soft’ on her neck

“I saw the snake's head and felt its tongue on my neck,” she said.

Scientists just figured out how much crushing force a T. rex could deliver with a bite

The massive predators were "extreme bone eaters," delivering about 8,000 pounds of force with a bite, enough to pulverize bone.

A heart-pounding video of a lizard escaping a minefield of snakes is going viral

The clip from BBC's "Planet Earth II" of a lizard's death-defying snake escape was cleverly shot to resemble a heart-pounding action thriller. But it's real.