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The Fox News host Howard Kurtz accused Fox of "barely" covering Scott Pruitt's resignation as the Environmental Protection Agency chief.

Fox News host Howard Kurtz criticizes his network for ‘barely’ covering Scott Pruitt’s resignation

The Fox News host Howard Kurtz pushed back on his panelists who blamed media bias for Scott Pruitt's resignation as the Environmental Protection Agency chief last week, arguing instead that his employer failed to adequately cover the news.
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and President Donald Trump

Trump’s family separation policy is sending some Republicans over the edge

Several prominent Republicans are lashing out at the president and condemning their own party over the administration's decision to forcibly separate migrant children, including babies, from their parents at the US-Mexico border.

A Democratic congressman is taking the first shot at a repeal of Trump’s tax law

As the new tax cuts ushered in solely by Republicans begin to take effect, one Democratic congressman is unveiling a repeal plan, signaling that President Donald Trump's primary opposition is serious about reversing his signature legislative achievement.

The bloodiest Republican primaries to watch are in West Virginia and Indiana, where Trump-like candidates are battling it out to win

The Republican Senate primaries in West Virginia and Indiana have become particularly heated contests, in which Trump-like candidates are doing all they can to come out on top.
Florida Gov. Rick Scott speaks during a luncheon at the Republican National Committee Spring Meeting at the Diplomat Resort in Hollywood, Florida, April 21, 2016.

Florida’s Senate race just became one of the most competitive and expensive in the country

Florida Gov. Rick Scott announced that he'll challenge Sen. Bill Nelson in what may become one of the most hard-fought and expensive races in the country.

9 prominent conservative characters from TV shows that aren’t ‘Roseanne’

The "Roseanne" revival stunned with huge ratings — and its star is a Trump supporter. Here are other TV shows featuring conservative characters.

Billionaire investor Peter Thiel says that Trump will win a second term — ‘if he runs again’

"Trump has a willingness to challenge some of the politically correct orthodoxies in our country," says Thiel.
Rep. Beto O'Rourke

A Democrat no one’s heard of just raised triple the amount Ted Cruz did, despite rejecting special interest money

Texas Rep. Beto O'Rourke, who's hoping to unseat Sen. Ted Cruz, has raised triple the amount that Cruz has this year, despite banning corporate PAC money.

‘We’ve never seen anything like this’: Democrat wins Kentucky seat by 36 points in district Trump won by 49

In deep red Kentucky, Democrat Linda Belcher sailed to victory in the state's 49th House District seat with 68% of the vote on Tuesday.
House Speaker Paul Ryan and President Donald Trump surrounded by Republican lawmakers.

Why Republicans have little incentive to support gun-control legislation

The vast majority of Republican lawmakers are staunchly opposed to any form of gun regulation, and many push to roll back gun control laws.