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U.S. President Trump speaks about U.S. Representative Omar at campaign rally in Greenville

Timeline of the chaotic series of events surrounding Trump’s racist tweets attacking ‘the Squad’

President Donald Trump's racist tweets directed at four progressive Democrats, who are women of color, have ignited a firestorm of criticism.

Republican voters are more likely to believe in Bigfoot and the Illuminati, while Democratic voters are more likely to believe in aliens

According to a new INSIDER poll, Republicans and Democrats differ when it comes to believing in unproven theories like Bigfoot and chemtrails.
President Donald Trump at a rally in North Carolina on Wednesday.

Republican voters have become more xenophobic as Trump has normalized racist rhetoric

As Trump escalates his anti-immigrant rhetoric and policies, polling shows Republican voters are expressing increasingly anti-immigrant views.

Trump’s approval with Republicans rose by 5 points in a poll taken after his racist tweets

President Donald Trump, who is running for reelection in 2020, also saw his approval drop with Democrats and independents after his tweets.
President Donald Trump at the White House on Monday.

Trump says that his tweets being called racist ‘doesn’t concern’ him because ‘many people agree’ with him

"All I'm saying is that if they want to leave they can leave. It doesn't say leave forever," Trump said of his racist tweets.

Republican silence on Trump’s racist tweets shows how fearful they’ve become of defying him and losing voters

Republicans appear to be more afraid of alienating voters loyal to Trump ahead of an election year than with upholding their party's purported values.
Vice President Mike Pence and President Donald Trump.

Pence’s chief of staff defends Trump’s racist tweets, becoming the first White House official to comment on them

Mike Pence's chief of staff is the first White House official to speak publicly of President Donald Trump's comments about some Democratic lawmakers.
Donald Trump and Paul Ryan

Trump reportedly refused to sign a 2018 spending bill unless Paul Ryan let him build suspense over it on Twitter

Trump was upset about a 2018 spending bill's lack of border-wall funding but signed it after Ryan agreed to let him air his grievances on Twitter.

Trump’s assistant Madeleine Westerhout was reportedly crying and ‘inconsolable’ on election night 2016 — but now says she̵...

Madeleine Westerhout is one of the most powerful people in the White House, according to a new book by the journalist Tim Alberta.
Sen. Bernie Sanders at night two of the Democratic debates.

Americans can’t agree on what socialism is but 20% still see it as a threat to the US

Almost 20% of likely Democratic voters are uncomfortable with socialism, suggesting Trump's political attacks may be an effective strategy.