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Students take part in a procession in silence following a mass shooting in Santa Barbara, California on May 24, 2014.

10 strategies proposed to stop shootings in America, and how likely they are to work

Shootings in the US have become a daily occurrence, and politicians and researchers all seem to have different solutions to stop them. Which can work?
An Uber driverless Ford Fusion drives down Smallman Street in Pittsburgh, PA.

Self-driving cars could actually make congestion much worse

Researchers at the University of California Santa Cruz analyzed car trips in San Francisco to explore how autonomous cars might work when no one is riding.
Rocking in a hammock isn't just relaxing, it could improve your memory too.

If you’re having trouble sleeping, scientists say you should try rocking like a baby

It can also help us sleep more soundly and even improve our memory.
Dogs come in all shapes and sizes.

Big dogs may be smarter than small dogs, according to a new study, but only in tests of memory and self-control

Bigger dogs have better short-term memory and self-control than smaller ones. But their size has no impact on tests of social intelligence.
Investors put hundreds of millions in Theranos despite its lack of published science.

More than half of today’s unicorn health startups haven’t published any influential research — and some experts say that raises the ...

In a new study, an early Theranos whistle-blower and Stanford professor of medicine analyzes a cluster of $1 billion healthcare startups and finds very few are publishing high-impact papers.
Taller women may live longer.

Taller women may live longer, according to a new study — but this isn’t the case for men

One theory is that old age is related to shrinkage, which has been associated with various health problems.
We should double the amount of vegetables, fruits, and nuts we eat.

Scientists have developed a specific diet that could ‘transform’ the planet and save 11.6 million lives a year, and it involves less red m...

We should double our consumption of vegetables, nuts, fruits, and legumes, and eat half the amount of meat and sugar, according to the report.

Shiseido just opened its new APAC headquarters in Singapore’s CBD – complete with innovation lab, training facility and a centre for customers w...

Shiseido's APAC employees are going to be trained in rooms with very stunning views. Take a look.

Baby boomers share nearly 7 times as many ‘fake news’ articles on Facebook as adults under 30, new study finds

A new study by researchers at Princeton and New York University found that people over 65 were most likely to share fake news on social media.
Only half of adults who think they have an allergy actually have one, according to new research.

Half of adults who think they have an allergy actually don’t, a new study suggests

Nearly half of respondents with severe allergies developed them as adults, according to the results.