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US boxer Dominic Breazeale against Magomed Omarov of Russia.

The US, Australia, and the UK are among the 25 most resilient countries in the world

Norway took the top spot on the list, with Denmark and Switzerland following behind. The study was done by the risk management consultancy FM Global.
Anti-fragility is gaining out of chaos.

Being ‘anti-fragile’ in times of pain is just as important as being resilient — here’s what that means

Antifragility is when you gain out of chaos. You don't just bounce back, you grow from the experience.

Billionaire Spanx founder Sara Blakely gave her entrepreneur husband a piece of advice she learned as a teenager to get him through his hardest days

Spanx founder Sara Blakely taught husband Jesse Itzler the power of resilience by telling him there's a fine line between having a breakthrough and feeling broken. It's a lesson she learned as a teenager, after her friend's death and her parents' divorce.
A screenshot of Esri's sea-level rise map. HQ2 cities are shown as red dots.

These Amazon HQ2 finalist cities could be partially underwater in our children’s lifetimes

A new analysis shows which HQ2 cities would be inundated if sea levels rose three feet, a modest projection of how much water levels could rise.

A former Navy SEAL commander explains the surprising way he trained his troops to respond to failure

Former Navy SEAL commander Jocko Willink taught his team to respond with "Good" whenever they ran into an obstacle.

Sheryl Sandberg to Virginia Tech grads: ‘There are times to lean in and there are times to lean on’ your friends

"We all need our posses — especially when life puts obstacles in our path," Sandberg says.

What everyone gets wrong about helping friends through heartbreak

On an episode of Business Insider podcast "Success! How I Did It," Sheryl Sandberg says she used to make the same mistake as anyone else.

Sheryl Sandberg: ‘I will never make another joke about growing old again, ever’

Sheryl Sandberg offers her best advice for improving resiliency — which she believes is like a muscle that grows with exercise.

A startup CEO explains why he doesn’t mind people laughing at his ideas

Qikpix founder and CEO Jarek Hamilton discusses what he learned from people laughing

I just spent a day in a mindfulness program developed at Google and left with 5 key lessons

The focus is mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and resilience — and how to implement them all in your daily life.