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Every citizen should get $14,000 on their 25th birthday, according to a radical UK proposal

The payment would be funded by changing the way the UK's inheritance tax is structured, and would increase the wealth of the majority of Britain's younger people.
For Sale boards stand outside homes in Didsbury on August 2, 2016 in Manchester, England.

A depressing new report says 30% of UK millennials may never own a home

One in three millennials may never own a home from the cradle to the grave, say the Resolution foundation, who call for action on Britain's housing crisis.

These 5 charts show the state of pay and employment in Britain

Britain's labour market has been the subject of much head-scratching in recent years.

Agency workers are paid £400 million less a year than full-time counterparts

A new report by the Resolution Foundation found agency workers earn significantly less than employees in comparable jobs.
Philip Hammond (C) leaves Downing Street with his Treasury team

The UK is on course for longest fall in living standards since records began

Resolution Foundation report shows that Britain faces the longest fall in living standards since the 1950s.

3 charts that show how real wages have fallen to 2006 levels

New analysis by the Resolution Foundation predicts real wages to continue to fall until the end of 2017.

These 5 charts show how badly a no-deal Brexit would hurt British consumers

A no-deal Brexit would result in £500 a year worth of price rises for millions of British households, a Resolution Foundation report has shown.

‘A housing catastrophe’: 4 charts show how millennials were priced out of Britain’s housing market

Millennials are being forced to live in smaller spaces, commute for longer, and wait on average until their 40s to buy a house.

Brexit is going to make the UK’s labour market crisis even more severe

The Resolution Foundation says most UK businesses don't plan to hire more UK workers if migration drops, and warns of changes in the face rising labour costs.